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Hello and welcome! Croeso!

Hi! I’m Heidi Plant. I’m a multidisciplinary artist and a lover of colours. I draw and paint. I make art that crosses process and media.

I live in a big field in West Wales with my family.

We organically collaborate on artworks together. I get inspired by what they are making and they get inspired by what I’m making.

It’s an interesting, joyful, creative soup.

We live here:

We built our house in lockdown with our own sweet hands.

It’s my dream house.

It has no inside walls or doors which is a challenge at times.

Eventually we’ll build another house (with walls and doors!) and this one will become the studio.

We have 4 goats, a cockerel and 3 hens, 2 dogs and a cat.

I love being quiet and still in nature. We’ve planted around 300 trees here. They are tiny at the moment. I like that they’ll still be around, reaching their full height, long after I’ve left this earth.

Latest Artworks…

Y Llyfr Braslunio, short film, 2023

Recently I‘ve been making short films about a character called Sunday. My alter ego.

I’ve just started learning Welsh. I filmed them in the Welsh language to strengthen personal feelings of connection to the land and place whilst this simultaneously creates a separation and disconnection to the outside world.

Sunday dw i, short film, 2023

Sunday dw i, short film, 2023

Creating an alter ego is incredibly freeing. The work exists in a dreamlike space where everyday structures become disjointed but the story remains relatable.

You can watch the films here:

I love sharing the joy in my work in this newsletter. I’m happy to have found an intimate place to share my art with you as it evolves.

Your support means the world to me, if you would like to help me further you can support me on Patreon. For the same price as a cup of coffee each month you can become a patron. You will be championing my wildest, creative ideas and fuelling an art practice of pure love.

You can follow along on my webpage, this newsletter in your inbox or on Patreon.

I’m so happy you’re here! Thank you for joining me on this ride xxx