Weekend on Marshmallow Mountain

‘Fountain tree Canopy’, Vinyl collage on board

‘3 Hotdogs No Sauce’ , Screenprint

‘Botanical Mischief’, Screenprint

‘Tiptoe Valley’

‘The View from Plumstone Island’

‘Banana Sunday’

Close up of ‘Tideline Treasure’

‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ Screenprint

Close up of ‘King Rizzo’ Screenprint

Miniature Ceramics

Miniature Collages

‘Weekend on Marshmallow Mountain’ June & July 2015.

Resort Studios, 50 Athelstan Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. CT9 2BH. UK.


The London Illustration Fair, Horton Arches. E2 BHD

All prints made at Hello Print Studio. www.helloprintstudio.com

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