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Weekend on Marshmallow Mountain

‘Fountain tree Canopy’, Vinyl collage on board

‘3 Hotdogs No Sauce’ , Screenprint

‘Botanical Mischief’, Screenprint

‘Tiptoe Valley’

‘The View from Plumstone Island’

‘Banana Sunday’

Close up of ‘Tideline Treasure’

‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ Screenprint

Close up of ‘King Rizzo’ Screenprint

Miniature Ceramics

Miniature Collages

‘Weekend on Marshmallow Mountain’ June & July 2015.

Resort Studios, 50 Athelstan Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. CT9 2BH. UK.


The London Illustration Fair, Horton Arches. E2 BHD

All prints made at Hello Print Studio.

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Have I Been Here Before?






‘Lost in Stripes’

‘Into the Undergrowth’

‘Close to Home’

‘Dos Amigos’


Heidi Plant & Emrys Plant

‘On the Road’


‘Have I Been Here Before?’ Parade gallery, Margate & Stour Space, London. August 2013.

Linocut prints printed at Hello Print, based at Resort Studios, Margate.

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Come Out to Play

Tom Vek, Heidi Plant

‘Day Dreamers’

Kimberley Holladay, Jack Cant, Matt Odell & Pom Pom Vandenburg


Jack Cant

‘Come Out to Play’ curated by Emrys Plant.   30 skate decks by Margate’s great and good…if you had a gang what would you be?

December 2016

Resort Studios, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. UK.